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Our Products

Protein Bars

Nutravant produce new and big selections of protein bars with exciting tastes, composed by one or more layer, incredibly tasty…..

Energy, Natural and Fruity Bars

This kind of snacks is characterized by precious and natural raw material usage, which offers an unlimited choice of combinations, selections and textures….

Functional and exclusive snacks.

These snacks originate from research, development and application. We offer different types of products, totally innovative, highly competitive with a good marketplace….


Just one aim, your success! Nutravant focus his abilities on your Brand only.

We offer reliable support from the preliminary information exchange, focused on the product development (size, tipology, composition, taste and texture), to foils and exhibiting graphic personalization. The passages, from your idea to the sale, will be easy, essential and always assisted by our professional team.

Thanks to the experience and to the important results gained, we work with the most famous brands in all the world and we can offer competitive quotations according to your request.

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Our company and our working policy, as the education of our highly qualified staff dedicated to production, movement and storage, always respect the HACCP plan, perfectly.
We use an external studio, certified by the Department of Health, for chemical and microbiological analysis of products and raw materials in entrance.


Nutravant boasts a twenty-year experience in the nutritional world industry of functional snacks. Our competence become from the passion and the care spent over the years; we are, indeed, the third generation occupied in food industry production. The deep knowledge of strategic needs of the emerging brands and leader brands and the inclination to the innovative product’s development and to industry production, let us to cooperate with our partners, without infusions of our products in the market….

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We always organize briefing and try to make real our ideas.

Often, innovative products arise from competence’s comparison.

Flexibility and Competitiveness

The inclination to big productive amounts did not penalize the possibility of minimum lot realization, even if our extreme high quality and our competitive quotations, have always characterized us.

Exclusive Packaging

We will always participate in the process of realization of packaging materials, through our ten-years partner supplier or with your trusted supplier. We will realize together your product “dress”!

We produce bars and snacks customized to you.